Advertiser FAQ

Q: How much does it cost per click?
A: The price is dependent on how the advertiser sets up his or her account. For example, if the campaigns are GEO based, the countries which you select will have a big impact on your cost per click. When setting up your advertisement campaigns it will display an estimated cost per click so you know a rough estimate on what you will be paying. In the main advertiser page it will show you an average cost per click stat for the entire account. Inside each of your individual ad campaigns it will show you an average cost per click for each ad.

Q: What are your traffic sources?
A: The sources of our traffic are very high quality adult content websites. Examples of the websites which use our program are social networks, chat rooms and webcam sites. We ensure our publishers are not buying third party traffic and we check the source of our publishers traffic on a regular basis.

Q: What control do i have over my advertisements?
A: Geo targeting.
Time of day to display ads.
Real time cost reports..
Export data to excel.
Detailed account and individual advertisement reports.
Lots More...

Q: Can I pick what sites my ads are displayed?
A: No, we're very thorough with the publisher selection process, less than 90% of publishers who request an account ever get access to our program. We assure you only get high quality traffic and all sites where your advertisements are displayed will be relevant.

Q: Is traffic limited?
A: Yes, this is not a standard advertising program, we only deal with high quality traffic, there is only so much of it to go around. We're working daily on recruiting more and more high quality sites.

Q: Our ads funds expired and now we're being told we have missed out slot?
A: Traffic is limited which means only a certain amount of advertisements may circulate live. If you do not renew in time and your ads credit runs to zero, another advertiser will most definitely take your spot.

Q: How do I maximize traffic?
A: Run advertisements in both ad zones and for every size/format.

Q: What are the zones?
A: Zone 1: Sex Ads (Sexually explicit ads, full nudity and any form of legal explicit content)

Google Style Text Ads
Banners 468x60
Banners 728x90
Banners 300x250
Banners 160x600

Zone 2: Adult Ads (Clean adult ads only, no nudity and nothing explicit)

Google Style Text Ads
Banners 468x60
Banners 728x90
Banners 300x250
Banners 160x600

More Zones will be available in the near future and possibly on request.
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Publisher FAQ

Q: How much do I earn per click?
A: This question has no straight answer, every publisher who uses our program will have a different EPC. It depends on several aspects:

- The country origin of your clicks, obviously high quality countries earn more than low quality.
- The amount of low quality traffic that your websites send into our program will have an effect on your average, a publisher that sends us 500 U.S. clicks and 500 Indian clicks will have a far less EPC average than a publisher who sent us 500 U.S. clicks and 100 Indian clicks.
- The advertisement, depending on how an advertiser sets up his or her campaign, you can earn $0.20 cents for a U.S. click or $1.00 for a U.S. click.

Q: When do i get paid?
A: The payment cycle is the 1st of every month. Publishers may only receive payment after one whole month of earnings.

Q: Once I have an account, can I display ads on multiple sites?
A: No, you have the option to submit more sites to us, our ad codes will only work on approved domains.

Q: How long does it take for a submitted domain to be approved?
A: It can take as much as 48 hours for a domain to be approved, within that 48 hours if you have not received contact from us either stating your domain is approved, rejected or that we need more information, feel free to contact us.

Q: Can I frame, use PHP or JavaScript to display the ads?
A: No, as soon as our system detects framed ads and it's confirmed by a HUMAN employee the account owner has framed the ads, your account will be suspended and all revenue generated by your websites will be returned to the advertiser.

Q: Can I run the ads through a rotation or ad management script in our site?
A: Only if we're able to track each clicks individual URL. If we cannot track the origin of your clicks your account will be suspended and all revenue generated by your websites will be returned to the advertiser. Please CHECK with us first if your rotation/management script is allowing us to track the individual URLs.

Q: What is the minimum payment?
A: The minimum payment is $100 USD

Q: How do you pay?
A: Bank Wire or PayPal, alternative arrangements can be made if neither will work for the publisher.
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