What our publishers are saying...

"The adult advertising world has been needing this for a long time."

"I used to think I was earning a killing with the AdultFriendFinder and ImLive "pay per sign up" affiliate programs. $100 per signup sounds fantastic, until you check the math. If you divide your earnings by the clicks, you'll realize that they're paying you virtually nothing per click. AdultSense.com beats them both hands down."

"I was earning $30 a day with Ero Ads ppc. I switched to AdultSense.com and earned $150 my first day with the exact same traffic!"

"Lets face it, if Google Adsense supported adult content sites, affiliates wouldn't exist."

"With the economy as bad as it is, it makes sense to use a PPC program over a pay per signup. More people are browsing, less people are buying. There was never a legit company for the adult market though. Thank god for AdultSense.com!!"

Who is AdultSense.com?

Adultsense.com was created by a webmaster who has spent several years building direct relationships with advertisers of all niches in the adult advertising industry. With the launch of AdultSense you can now enjoy the unique advertising arrangements that have been negotiated, time tested, and fine-tuned over a period of years.

Why AdultSense works.

AdultSense.com works primarily because it's created by a webmaster for webmasters and there is no middle man company taking a large cut. This is why AdultSense is able to pay it's publishers high rates as a third party advertising program. The CPC for advertisers can be kept at a reasonable rate and the EPC for publishers is the highest in the industry.

Why are we different from other advertising services?

The number one reason why AdultSense is different from every other adult PPC program in the world is because we only deal in high quality traffic. AdultSense is similar to Google in the sense that it has its own traffic sources, which is where its profit comes from, this is why it doesn't take a large cut from its publishers earnings. AdultSense also does not make its advertisers bid against each other so the prices per click are always reasonable.

What is our Goal?

The goal of AdultSense.com is to connect advertisers with publishers looking to sell high quality traffic per click. To create a network of high quality websites that as a group, generate more revenue per click than any affiliate program or independent advertiser is willing to pay the average webmaster. AdultSense.com is creating a non aggressive source of traffic that has no nasty surprises for advertisers. That doesn't make its advertisers bid against each other and it will always provide a high quality source of traffic.

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